Halloween manicures part 2

So I’m sure everyone who knows me knows how much I love Halloween. And I couldn’t even wait a whole day before getting inspired by another person’s nails on a blog and deciding to take a stab at them. I decided to put the frankensteins off for a day or two and try this haunted house scene nail art I’d seen. Mine is a little rougher since I don’t have a detail brush, and I’m pretty unsteady when working with my left hand, but I like the results. My base coat is essence, it’s a sparkly navy blue. Then I sponged on some sparkly opi teal called yodel me on my cell. Then I sponged on a little of the lighter blue essence, and then some gold Nicole by opi from the tips going about halfway up the nail. I sponged a little more of the navy on top at the base of my nail to temper out the color a bit and mix it a bit more. I pulled out a bottle of Sally Hansen yellow and painted on the moons and the lit windows. Here is where I wish I’d had a detail brush so the moon would be rounder and the windows nicer, but I made do. I then took a black polish marker pen and drew a graveyard along all the tips of my nails except the middle fingers. I drew some skeletal trees on my thumbs and pinky fingers as well. For the final touch I drew a haunted house around the windows on my middle fingers and added a couple bats flying across the moon and around the trees. For someone who’s drawing ability is not tops, I think I did a good job, at least for a first try. We’ll see how long I last before I get the urge to try something new lol. Goodnight.








Halloween manicures

So today I decided to challenge myself to do a different Halloween manicure at least every couple days. Today’s turned out cute, but had a small issue. I did pumpkins with candy corn ring fingers. The pumpkins are done with a base of crayola scented nail polish in orange, and a layer of wet n wild fantasy makers jack o lantern from last year. The candy corns use a Sally Hansen yellow and opi white as well as the crayola. The pumpkins turned out cute, although the faces were a little difficult to draw, even with my thin brushed black kiss nail art polish, but the real issue came with the candy corns. They started off well but as the day wears on, the orange and yellow are leaching through the white, making them yellow, orange, and lighter yellow. But at least I’ll learn for next time. Tonight I plan to do little cartooney frankensteins inspired by some I saw on google images this morning.



Water marbling – second try

So I decided to give it a second go tonight and I decided on a silver base with teal and sheer glitter swirls. The sheer allows the silver to show through. They’re not totally cleaned up yet, the rest of the polish will come off my fingers when I wash my hands, but I’m too tired to fully clean them up right now. Lol. Anyways, I quite like how they turned out.