Halloween manicures part 2

So I’m sure everyone who knows me knows how much I love Halloween. And I couldn’t even wait a whole day before getting inspired by another person’s nails on a blog and deciding to take a stab at them. I decided to put the frankensteins off for a day or two and try this haunted house scene nail art I’d seen. Mine is a little rougher since I don’t have a detail brush, and I’m pretty unsteady when working with my left hand, but I like the results. My base coat is essence, it’s a sparkly navy blue. Then I sponged on some sparkly opi teal called yodel me on my cell. Then I sponged on a little of the lighter blue essence, and then some gold Nicole by opi from the tips going about halfway up the nail. I sponged a little more of the navy on top at the base of my nail to temper out the color a bit and mix it a bit more. I pulled out a bottle of Sally Hansen yellow and painted on the moons and the lit windows. Here is where I wish I’d had a detail brush so the moon would be rounder and the windows nicer, but I made do. I then took a black polish marker pen and drew a graveyard along all the tips of my nails except the middle fingers. I drew some skeletal trees on my thumbs and pinky fingers as well. For the final touch I drew a haunted house around the windows on my middle fingers and added a couple bats flying across the moon and around the trees. For someone who’s drawing ability is not tops, I think I did a good job, at least for a first try. We’ll see how long I last before I get the urge to try something new lol. Goodnight.








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