Halloween manicures

So today I decided to challenge myself to do a different Halloween manicure at least every couple days. Today’s turned out cute, but had a small issue. I did pumpkins with candy corn ring fingers. The pumpkins are done with a base of crayola scented nail polish in orange, and a layer of wet n wild fantasy makers jack o lantern from last year. The candy corns use a Sally Hansen yellow and opi white as well as the crayola. The pumpkins turned out cute, although the faces were a little difficult to draw, even with my thin brushed black kiss nail art polish, but the real issue came with the candy corns. They started off well but as the day wears on, the orange and yellow are leaching through the white, making them yellow, orange, and lighter yellow. But at least I’ll learn for next time. Tonight I plan to do little cartooney frankensteins inspired by some I saw on google images this morning.




One thought on “Halloween manicures

  1. here2havefun says:

    I am going to share this with my daughter who is going on a pumpkin farm field trip tomorrow! Thanks for posting.

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