Taking a Look Back

So today I decided to do a few more recent digi scrapbooking layouts to get printed for our front wall above the tv.  Now, I havent scrapped a page in at least a couple years now, and it turns out its like riding a bike.  Your fingers remember the photoshop commands even if your brain doesnt and they just do what you need them to on their own.  So I headed over to Sweet Shoppe Designs, where I loved back when I was a hardcore scrapbooker, and picked out a camping kit and a road trip kit and created these four layouts to frame and hang up on our empty front wall.

I sent them off to Costco to be printed, they have the best prices, only $2.99 per 12×12.  Everywhere else is around $5.00 per print at that size.  I’m sending my mom to pick them up for me when theyre ready.  I frame them in cheap $12 frames from Michaels.  Plain black metal and they do the trick.  This was the first full day I have spent in this place with nothing to unpack, nowhere that i HAD to go, nothing i HAD to do.  I just picked up a few things from Walmart and hung out around here before Kev suggested we go out to dinner.  We ate at the new location of Original Joes near our house and I can tell you, it was amazing.  I had whole wheat cheese tortellini alfredo.  It was delicious!  I’m now just back to watching the second season of Blue Water High, although I think i’m going to have a look and see what kind of movies are on.  I’m getting a bit tired, which is strange since I slept til noon, but I think a movie on the couch before heading to bed sounds just about right.


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