Lets try this again…

So as soon as I hit publish on this post previously, it deleted it. So lets try this all over again.

A year and a half ago I tried Netflix.  I was totally dissapointed.  It was basically a list of things I had never even heard of and didn’t want to see.  So i cancelled it.  And wrote it off.  But since we moved to a place where we have no access to Shaw on Demand anymore I needed to look for something else.  So I decided to try and give it another shot.  And boy has it improved.  There are an absolute ton of movies and tv shows I want to watch now! So i searched through and found a show i’d never heard of called Blue Water High (or something like that).  Its an Australian teen show about a group of young surfers who get to go to a prestigious surfing academy.  I started watching it and had it in the background ALL DAY! I think i’m on episode 12 now, lol.   And while I was watching I decided to paint my keys, and make them identifiable.  I painted the top of each key white so that the colour I picked for the base would show up nicely.  I painted one key green (Essie – Mojito Madness) with turquoise (sally hansen nail art pen – turquoise) swirls, glitter top coat (OPI – I juggle… Men) and a glow in the dark coating (Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers – Night Glow) and Sally Hansen Insta Dri topcoat.   I then took some zip dry crafting glue and glued some little pink heart gems onto the key.  For the 2nd key I started with a base of a shimmery hot pink (Rimmel 60 Seconds Extreme – Shocker) and and a thin coat of a sheer pink with holographic glitters (OPI Katy Perry – Teenage Dream) and hearts drawn with the turqoise nail art pen.  A layer of insta-dri to finish off the key and I was done.  It took me a couple hours with all the waiting for each layer to completely dry before moving on (and waiting is not my strong suit. lol).  I think they turned out pretty awesome actually, and I can change them up whenever I want with one of my many many nail polishes.

On another topic, My dog seems to be holding a grudge against me for moving out.  We went to my parents place for dinner tonight (and to drop off laundry, lol. Two birds, one stone) and as soon as she saw it was me at the door she turned and walked away.  For the rest of the night she ignored me everytime I called her, turned away, and walked the other direction every time I went towards her.  That dog can certainly hold a grudge, and it sucks.  She’s such a cutie, and I miss Scruffy so much, I wish she wasnt so mad at me for moving out.  I could really use her hugs and cuddles, but nope.  She won’t let me near her.  I guess i’ll just bring her a treat next time I go over and hope food will fix her mood and make her like me again. lol.

I watched the Glee premiere tonight, and man it was so good!!! Rachel’s dance teacher is freaking hilarious and I’m so glad Kurt moved to New York!!! I’m sad Mercedes isn’t there anymore, or Finn, or Quinn, or Puckerman or Santana, but the new girl is pretty cool, and I love her lunchlady mom.  Sue still has her bite, despite being a mom, and the new Quinn Fabray is a real B****, and a racist, along with her football team lackeys.  And my opinions of Puckerman’s half brother are on hold for now, he definitely has issues but I’m not sure which way its going to go, am I going to like him or hate him? Who the hell knows at the moment.  The rest of the original glee club members are awesome, and Younique is now a full time glee member at their school which I’m totally psyched about!! I love him, he’s so awesome, and kind of takes over Mercedes place since he is often in drag.   Overall I have high hopes for this season of glee, which will have probably been a challenge for the writers with half the cast gone. So far so good.

Dance moms.  I’m so sad its over.  I love dance moms.  I love Chloe and Christy, and Abby is scary but funny at times.  Maddie is starting to get on my nerves, but Mackenzie just keeps getting better.  I’m so glad Nia is getting more consistently better and higher on the pyramid. I’m excited to see what the new season brings, and the only good thing about dance moms being over for the season is the fact that Dance moms Miami should be starting up soon! I’m so glad to see more of Mia Diaz.

Army Wives. From what i can see online, it looks like this show has gotten the go ahead for 10 more episodes.  I’m soooooo hoping this is true. This show is truly awesome and needs to come back.

So thats it for tonight.


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