Welcome to my life

Welcome to my life, sometimes crazy, sometimes boring, sometimes opinionated, and often rushed. And like the average day, I have lost track of time and realized I have 20 minutes til I have to leave for work and I am not even dressed! Lol, so off to the closet to find something to wear, and then to my hillbilly shoe storage for shoes that I can actually wear to work. My guilty pleasure Disney shows are on the tv and Kevin is still sleeping. The front room of our new place is still partially filled with boxes (although all mine are unpacked, so I don’t think they count lol). The hecticness of the past couple weeks is starting to fade, and I decided to start this blog to show what life is REALLY like for 20somethings just starting out, it’s not all trips to Disneyland and homemade soup and homemade bread for dinner every night. So with that I’m going to run and get dressed for another day at work. Nothing more needs to be said about that, lol. Ta ta



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